WinterAxe-Demo 2008

WinterAxe come from Montebello, LA, United States, this is their nine track demo recorded in 2008 and delivers a blending of stenching crust and raw black metal in the vein of old "true black metal" bands of 90's (plus the acid vocals). There are three atmospheric ambient-ish tracks with keyboards and cello (Intro and Interlude i & ii) delivering sorrowful melodies, the rest of the demo is metallic crust/black metal with slow/mid paced tempos (Hollow spirit of desolation is the only track with a bit faster beat), metallic riffs with some dark and mournful melodies here and there that sadistically seem to last forever since the length of each track is too long, (there are three tracks that last over ten minutes each) but the combination of acoustic parts, dark melodies, metallic riffs,breaks and changes, make the result really interesting. Vocals are desperate high screeches coming from the black metal territory and lyrics deal with inner self and nature search.The look of band reminds me of bands such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Agalloch and the likes, the sound is raw but sick enough to deliver the pessimism and misery for about an hour and seven minutes. In other words this is a band balancing between crust and black metal blending Deviated Instinct and Amebix riffs with Agalloch and Oakhelm acoustic parts and black metal vocals. Really interesting, there s no way to get bored with this.


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