I know only a few about these crusties: Warpriest were a crust band from Baltimore,Maryland,USA and this is their three track demo recorded sometime in 2007/08. It consists of 6:30" of dark and aggressive d-beat crustcore with down tuned guitars and brutal vocals. Imagine a blending of World Burns to Death's Hellhammer driven crust of Totalitarian Sodomy era with Swedish bands such as Wolfbrigade. Then add some Hiatus or Nuclear Death Terror in their demo tape and you got Warpriest. There are some metal traces in the d-beat hell and a few slower and emotional parts here and there but the band moves mostly in the usual d-beat high speed, lyrics included in a insert. In 2008 they released "Archaic revival" 12" on Streetcleaner and despite the fact of a nice release with positive reviews they seem to called it quits since in their myshit they say they broke up.

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