Wastelander-st demo 2007

This is a journey of mutant creatures into the barren wasteland of a plague apocalypse:Wastelander formed in 2007 in Lansing, Michigan, USA by former members of brutal metal acts such as Harbinger and Summon and this is their eight track demo recorded the same year.
The demo begins with a narrative, its the introduction to genocide, destruction and plague all over the earth, there are sound effects between the tracks, fitting nicely and making the demo a kind of concept story. Music wise this is a blending of crust and black metal with both sides balancing in a nice way. When i first listened it, the use a drum machine sounded a bit annoying but later there wasn't any problem to my taste, they managed to it handle it and is very precise. Maybe it was my prejudice about drum machine use, who knows but i think human drumming would make the whole thing much better. The sound quality is good, punk riffs overcome in some tracks while metal overpowers in others, the vocals are rough but in some tracks are clear and less brutal (check "Mindsweeper" and "Wastelander"),"Triaged" is an acoustic song with spoken word and "Transmission failure" is the outro that ends the apocalypse.
The demo as cd was self released by the band and there is a tape version released by Zombie Fetus Records, In 2008 Bermuda Mohawk Production released it in 500 copies of 7" format (probably some of the tracks because the whole demo lasts 22 minutes), also the same year the band released their first full length "Wardrive". According to their myspace there are plans for a split ep

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