Resistencia HC-Demo 2007

Raw hardcore from João Pessoa, the capital city of Paraiba, a state in the northeast region of Brazil. Resistencia HC formed in 2004 and after many line up changes and a hiatus, they came back in 2007 and recorded this demo. A year latter they disbanded. the demo consists of nine tracks of raw and noisy fast hardcore with shouting vocals,. RHC's influences are bands such as Confronto, Ratos de Porao, Walls of Jericho, Hatebreed Mortification and others. There is a text in their myspace but seems to be made by a Babel fish or something,

01:Corrupção no Sistema Falido
02:Homem Corrompido
04:Campo Minado
06:Onde Esta a Justiça
07:Blah blah blah
08:Eles não se importam com você
09:O Preço da Guerra


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