Fredag Den 13e-9 track demo 2006

To be honest, when i first saw these guys i thought they are a neo-nazi crappy band: the eagle, the gothic letter logo, the warplanes in their myspace (if i m not mistaken this is a type of German warplane of WWII) and the whole thing is the cliche wankery of right wing assholes) and i felt ashamed to ask Slobo (who's from Sweden) if knows anything about them. But then i saw Victims, Sprangd and other crust bands being added there, furthermore Masken has this band in his site so no matter if i understand not a single word in Swedish, i think there is no doubt about the side these guys stand. Thats what they say about their band:
"Fredag den 13:e was formed in Göteborg during spring of 2006 and consisted of Stoffe, Jakob, Johannes and Andreas. After several auditions Anders joined as vocalist. Songs and lyrics were written and a 9-song demo was recorded. Musically the band is aiming to combine both the power of scandicrust with the rock n’ roll feel of Poison Idea and Motörhead. The result has been desrcibed as sing-a-long d-beat hardcore, which isn´t far from the truth. The band intends to play as much as possible and hopefully record another demo during the spring of 2007"
02:Nar hamnden kanns kall
03:Back to slavery
04:Whatever they say
05:Ta det tillbaka
06:What's the score
07:Borgarnas allians
08:Endless journey in pain

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Anonymous said...

i've seen them a few weeks ago in a squat in belgium. i think they're just being sarcastic with the right-wing pictures, at least i hope so because i really dig their music.

diy greets from belgium

Anonymous said...

Any chance of you re-uploading this please? Thanks.

7inchcrust said...

link is fixed,i don't know if you ever see this,i apologize for the long long delay....