Ebola-Demo 2006

Ebola is a crust band from Madrid Spain and they have not any relation neither with Ebola from Germany nor the English Ebola (of the One By One/Ebola/Jinn family). i don't know much about them, their myspace has no any infos. They have released a 7" on Humildad y Honestidad/Bombs of Crust, a record with weird but beautiful artwork and music wise stands equal to well known crust bands from Spain.
The demo was recorded sometime in 2006 and delivers six tracks of raging, angry crust. The sound is decent, the vocalist screams his lungs out, rhythms vary from fast to faster and the whole thing becomes interesting becuase of the slower parts and the acoustic intros. Total running time sixteen minutes
01:Con pies de cemento
02:No somos lo que no somos
03:Rabia y carino
04:La hormiga contra la tormenta
05:El grand Leviatan
06:Vive porti



Anonymous said...

I've got this 7", what a masterpiece. Too bad it only has the tracks 2,3,4 & 5; all of them would've been awesome.

Too bad I don't know anything more of them except this release.

7inchcrust said...

i have it on white vinyl, nice record, the artwork is a bit strange, it reminds me of covers of Japanese bands.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also have it on white vinyl.
And I like the artwork, especially because it is so unique!

mikxxx said...

The artwork is so fucking awesome. some time ago when i was in spain i met these guys and they were some of the sweatiest guys that i've ever met. funny and true crusties against the trend of patchies that these days was like a disese (with much more bad english from mine).haha
they share members with ska/core band ugly bastards and one of the guys has one more project that i can not recall. and their from getafe, a suburb of madrid... cheers billy

7inchcrust said...

Cheers mikxxx, Ebola people seem to be really interesting, i didnt know about Ugly Bastards connection. thanks :)

Abraham said...

Could you upload it again?