Berserk-Apocalypse [demo cdr,2006]

Crust-Demos is not dead yet. I ve been off blogging for a while after the murder of Alex in Athens and the riots that followed, when a child dies (actually when a child is being murdered by the police) and becomes the spark that starts up a revolt, then there is no mood or free space in your soul to post anything, Anyway, its Christmas today and i feel i have to wish to everyone out there Merry Crisis, cheers

Berserk were a D-beat/crust band from Rome Italy and "Apocalypse" cdr is their demo recorded sometime in 2006. i known absolutely nothing about them, this demo and a four way split 12" (w/ ANXTV,Caroghia and Bestiame) is their discography, (one track from this split opens Crust-Demos vol II), their myspace has no any infos only a "this band is dead" and their other site is dead too, if you know anything just drop a line here
"Apocalypse" delivers seven tracks of D-beat crustcore with midpaced to fast tempos, rough vocals and lyrics in Italian, raw sound and its about 19 minutes long
there is nothing more to say, go get it
05:Aspettano il tuo turno per morire


Anonymous said...

very good stuff. just one thing:the second name of the split is not caroghia but carogna. i got it, it's beautiful:D

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