Sub Alert

Masken from Blog as Fuck (and Punk as Fuck and Antabus and Handymen and many others) asked me to include Sub Alert in the next Kang n Mangel compilation. Well there is no thought (now) for the third part but here is your chance to dig these dudes:
Sub Alert is a three piece act, they formed in Tidaholm Sweden " With the intension to make fast Punk Rock, 3/4 of the band had played together in different constalations before and where now longing back to the roots of hard hitting punk rock. Ted, Magnus and Masken contacted Per for trying out on guitar and vocals"
Some bands theses dudes were involved are Antabus, Hellshit, Rostov Dirge, Handymen, End of silence, Prohibit, Union 69, Harlequin, Worlds Apart, No Excuse, Svarta Lucia, Crash Pad, Kikshaw, Qis, Statisternas Cafe. and others. Too many bands indeed...
And the 3/4 goes for the 4 people that started the band (Ted later left the band and the rest members decided to continue as trio)
Sub Alert discography is the 13 track "Take Part" cd (2005,Fight Back Records), the six track "Create Your Own Fate" mcd (2006,Fight Back) and "What makes you go on" 7" (2008,Fight Back Records), available for free to download from their website (incl. front/back cover scans). if you want catchy Scandinavian punk/hardcore then give it a try

Sub Alert site
Sub Alert myspace
Downlad section


Toxik Boys said...

thx man

good luck!

Slobodan Burgher said...

Tidaholm punx rule!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for your work spreading our music! Our 7'' are now free to download too.