No Conforme-Alimentados con violencia [2003,tape]

No Conforme hail from Barcelona, Spain and "Alimentad@s con violencia" is the tape they recorded in 2003. If you have downloaded Crust-Demos Vol II comp. then you have already met these dudes and their d-beat: No Conforme formed around 2002/03 and "Alimentad@s con violencia" was their their first recorded material, their discography includes "Feeling of destruction..." 7" (2006,Mundo en Kaos Recods/ Jornalero), several splits (split cd w Bad Taste and Obni in 2004 on Grita o Muere/ Nature Morte / Discrust Records , a split lp w Caos OK (2005,co-released w Trabuc Records) and a split 10" w Give up All Hope is on the way. They also contributed tracks in several compilations (Radio Bronka, (2004, cd)), 512 Años despues el saqueo continua (2005,cd), El libertario (2008)
"Alimentad@s con violencia" is a tape of 17 tracks and 24 minutes of running time of crusty discore attack, it was released on Grita o Muere in 2003, dis riffs, fast tempos, two vocalists singing in Spanish, lyrics included in the fold out cover and the sound quality is decent. In their later releases they had male/female vocals
02:Trafico de animales
04:Vieja Europa
05:Razas un invento
06:Cloacas de marginacion
07:Abajo las fronteras
08:Sembrando muerte
09:No entiendo
10:Fuck your idols
11:Luchar y matar(Olho Seco cover)
12:Sueρo libertario
13:Opresion domestica
14:Anti todo(Eskorbuto cover)
15:Alimentadas con violencia
16:Apoya y difunde

No Conforme-Alimentados con violencia

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Great sound! Thanks from France.