Self Inflicted-Truth in eulogy (cd,2004)

I know only a few about these guys. I discovered their website in 2004 and they had this cdr available for downloading, now this site is dead and google search gives no results.
Self Inflicted is a five piece band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, they have a girl handling bass duties and there is no any relation neither to this band called Selfinflicted from Australia nor this rock band in google results), They formed in 2003 and their first full length album "In case you ve got nothing nice to say" is about to be released in this year
There is no other any information about this release in their Myspace. "Thruth in eulogy" is a cd-r probably recorded in 2003 or 2004. Music wise SI is a metallic new school hardcore band with metal riffs, thick guitars and rough vocals. A touch of NYHC is here and there, guitar riffs are into metal but SI is not a metal band in any case. The production is good (i d say too good for a demo cd-r) and tempos vary from mid-paced to fast.
Check their myspace for some more demo tracks
02:Crime scene
04:Lime filled pit
05:Truth in eulogy
06:Unwanted guest
07:Last second of your life

Self Inflicted-Truth in eulogy


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Marcel Duchamp:

Band formed in 2001 in Chile (southamerica) with influences from "los crudos", "huashipungo", "spazz" and bands as "apatia-no" and "Desobediencia civil".
The subjects of his songs are characterized by support for the working classes, rejecting the government proclamation of individual freedoms, rejection of any form of discrimination, rejection of dictatorship in Chile and the implications of this.
This demo called "el Disket" was released in 2002 and was a breakthrough of "Buscando luz de topos" LP, with fewer items and implemented differently.


the front cover:

If you like more of this band only tell me know ;)

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