Marcel Duchamp-Disket (cd,2002)

Toxic Boys from Crucified For Your Sins blog kindly offered this demo with this weird cover artwork: Marcel Duchamp hail from Chile and their name is of an artist from France who was associated with dadaist and surrealist movements.
MD formed in 2001 and seem to be all out political aware, "Disket" came out in 2002 as promo of "Buscando luz de topos" lp. The artwork is unusual for a hardcore/punk band and it delivers four tracks less of one minute each and music wise MD are in the vein of bands such as Los crudos, Huashipungo", Spazz, @patia-No and Desobediencia Civil. Lyrics deal with working class support, rejecting the government proclamation of individual freedoms, rejection of any form of discrimination, rejection of dictatorship in Chile and the implications of this.
I didn't know anything about these guys, many thanks to Toxic Boys for this. Check these video shots: "Acaros" here (with an excellent collage of riot / demonstration / police brutality / dicatorship in Chile video shots) and "Días pasan" on stage here,
01:Dejanos tranquilos
03:Te vas a quedar sentado
04:Días pasan

Disket demo
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Toxik Boys said...

you like more music for this band?
only tell my know friend. this is a classic band in southamerica


7inchcrust said...

thanks for this, not my cup of tea but not bad at all,
cheers :)

Anonymous said...

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