Dodeskaden-När ingenting längre spelar nån roll (cd,2005)

From Dodeskaden's page in Punk as Fuck:
The name Dodeskaden comes from the japanese filmdirector Akira Kurosawa´s first ever colormovie with the same name, it´s a tragicomical portray of the slums of Tokyo. It is pronounced "Dough-dess ka-then" (kind of anyway haha, not so very good at phonetics!) and is the sound that appears if you think you drive a railbus that really don´t exist!
Dodeskaden started out in early 2004 in Nyköping south of Stockholm by Klas, Hello, Sebastian & Dennis. With that constellation we recorded our first demo entitled "Maktlös". ("Powerless" in translation) It was the first time ever both Klas and Sebbe were in a band so it also sounded there-after! But the demo got well recieved anyway and we sold approximately over 400 copies.
In the sumer of 2004 Hello & Klas moved back to Luleå in the north of Sweden and at the same time Dennis quit the band to focus on his reggaeband. We soon found a new guitarist in Goken, a guy from southern Sweden who studied in Luleå, and we soon recorded our second demo entitled "När ingenting längre spelar nån roll". ("When nothing at all makes any difference" in translation) From the beginning this was meant to be our debut 7", but as things hardly ever turns out the way you want them to so didn´t this one! Instead we planned to take 3 of the songs for our split with Guantanamo Bay instead. But things got delayed and both Sebastian and Goken quit the band, so we decided to make a demo out of it instead".
02:När ingenting längre spelar nån roll
03:Dreams of Utopia
04:Tänk själv
05:Brinn dä för fan!

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