Ekkaia-demo (cd,2000)

Ekkaia need no introduction: Formed in 1999 in A Coruña, Spain and was connected with bands such as Cop on Fire, Mass Mierda, Use of Abuse, Icon, Black Panda and others, when they disbanded members went on with Leadershit. they released some blasting ep's and lp's: a split w Unsane Crisis, (2001,La Idea), ', 'Manos que estrechan planes de muerte y sometimiento' lp (2002, La Idea), 'Cuantas mas moriremos hasta que esten satisfechas' 7'' (2003, Cruda Realidad/La Idea/Muchacho/Chaos Rec.s'Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdon' lp (2004, Stonhenge/Tofu Guerilla/Cruda Realidad/Alerta Antifascista),'Ya Hemos Aguantado El Sermon Ahora Lo Destrozaremo' 7"(2004,Stonehenge Records). 'Sombras Del Progreso' (2006,Estajanovismo) is the final Ekkaia release, a 25 track discography compilation.
Ekkaia's demo is also known as "Icon" demo and delivers seven tracks of their old screamo neocrust with dark melodies thrown here and there in the vein of their early releases (in their later releases they left their own personal sound and their recorded material (in "Ya hemos.." and "Demasiado.." ) is close to Tragedy's melodic crust). About 23 minutes total running time and descent sound quality.
01:Crossing the gates of my own dream
03:The art of comprehension
04:Llorando en la larga noche
05:Perdido entre ilusiones
06:El ultimo pecado
07:A face in the sky



Toxik Boys said...

jajaja, ekkaia need no introduction!

hey man, take this
pass: chilewarez.org

is a spit: "ekkaia" with "unsane crisis"
is a great one too

ok, good luck friend!, Cheers from Chile!

demogorgo said...

The band was actually called "Icon" for this demo

whispered into existence said...

Thanks, I love the early stuff by this band (the 1st LP especially)! I totally agree with the assessment that they moved closer to Tragedy later on (we've talked about it in the past anyhow, so you know my opinion on this one) - a real shame...