Demonkratzie-Demoncracia 666 (cd, 2008)

i posted this demo some months ago knowing nothing about this band, their myspace has no infos actually the only thing it informs is that they are from Aracaju, Sergipe Brasil. Silvio, member of band discovered Crust-Demos and sent their history, so here's again "Demoncracia 666" with full details about the band, Silvio thank you :)

Formed in a half of 2007, initially by: Mauricio (bass), Silvio (Guitar), Dudu (voice), Tiery (drum), with the order of make fast music without much compromise to any part defined and influenced by newest saga of thrashcore´s bands. But, some influences from punk and rock´n roll became one mold for some riffs, beats and some thematics. Almost two months after the appearance, we recorded our first EP with 7 tracks (released in 2008), on Feelings Records studio, mixed and mastered by Alex. Soon, came the concerts and the first was in Aracaju (where we live) opening for bands Nerds attack (SP) and Silvia Saint Vs Rocco (RN), who were on tour in northeastern. With some problems, Tiery leaving the band, then assuming the wands Adriano (former member of band Afecção and friend some time ago). Concerts took place in other states such as the city of Salvador, alongside bands like Veredicto, Derrube o Muro, Diante dos Olhos and Maceió City in early 2008 (with bands Importa?, FURIA, Viver and others). With the release of the EP, at the beginning of 2008, many friendships were made and the ties were becoming closer. For us the greatest satisfaction is to see more and more people building with us, without any restriction on the type of music and different forms of action.

We are a fastcore thrash band from northeast of Brazil (Aracaju city), more influenced by bands of different genders and political views. Some members adopt the Drug Free lifestyle and vegetarian (vegan), but the band not raise any of these flags. We are supporters of the DIY Spirit, but we have no political engagement rather stereotyped and summarized the individual actions (or group actions too). As we are a Band group, in common with ideas and divergent. As a group, we do what we like so sincere.
Our desire is not be originals, we are proud to hit the key several times and repeat the same stories in our lyrics. We oscillate between the creative and cliché and "I´ll get loaned" good ideas wherever possible.
Demonkrätzie is:
Dudu (voice)
Silvio (guitar)
Mauricio (bass)
Adriano (drums)

01:Reacoes amorosas trasformadas em meras relacoes monetarias
02:La cada palavra omitiva auentam os passos rumo a independencia
03:O imperio cumecou a ruir
04:Assistindo au fim
06:Valores da colonizacao branca
07:Che esta morto e agora

Demonkratzie-Demoncracia 666


Toxik Boys said...

ohh!, really great one!


pd: hey, plz (I hope not disturb) change "crucificado por tus pecados" -----> "crucified for your sins" ;)
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Crucified for your sins