Acetic Voice-Behind bars (tape,1990)

Acetic Voice were a thrash metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. They formed in 1988 and recorded some demo tapes : Behind Bars"(1990) was recorded in 1990 after "Under Attack"(1989),"and "Terrorized from Fate"(1989)" and was followed by "Led to Confusion"(1990).
"Behind Bars" is 15 minutes tape of of thrash metal in the vein of early Kreator. The hardcore influences of "Under Attack" can be found there too, the vocalist reminds of Mile Petroza and does some great singing in "Acetic voice" track, rhythm section is just fine and the two guitars work is excellent delivering some nice riffs reminding of old Kreator and this interest mixing of German/USA thrash brought by he second guitar and by adding some Testament/Dark Angel riffs, the production is decent.
One of the the guys who played guitar had a scholarship for Berkeley University. AV disbanded in early '90's, the vocalist tried to continue with a band called Acceptic Voice but things didn't work out..in September 2009 the band reunited.
01:Acetic voice
02:Behind bars
03:Slavery of freedom
04:Gang war

Acetic Voice-Behind bars

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