Moribund Youth-No! (tape1991) & Turk hardcore (tape,1992)

Moribunt Youth was one of the first (if not the first one) hardcore bands in Turkey. I know only a few about bands coming out of the turkish scene, Radical Noise, Your Kingdom is Doomed (splits w Arcatera and Yacopsae) and Sakatakat (w their split w Agathocles)..so this is an unknown place to me.
MY formed in 1990 in Istanbul, they recorded two demo tapes, "No!" tape in 1991 and "Turk hardcore" in 1992 and in 1992 they changed their name to Turmoil. Accorfding to their Myspace, Members were involved with bands such as Regorfe/Apathetic, Got/Kabuk, Encounter, √Ąpara Kaaos, Yeti and pre-Kranch. well i know nothing about these bands..
Nothing more to say. go get it
Moribund Youth myspace
Turmoli myspace
Moribund Youth @ geocities

No! & Turk hardcore demos


Anonymous said...

Cool! I was penpal with 1 of the members of this band.

braintourniquet said...

yeah blom mate!still have all those hand-made zines & unplugged demos :D

anti said...

nice post, you can check my blog for more turkish stuff. i am from there. and by the way it is sakatat.