Svartmatik - Ord Mot Ord

Svartmatik (black math) come from Sweden, they are a Crust D-beat duet with one guy singing and playing the guitar and one (D)-beating the drums. Ord Mot Ord (words against words) is their debut demo, "recorded sporadically through January to March 2019", it delivers 6 tracks and nearly 17 minutes of Crust/D-beat, with raw and crunchy guitar sound and the typical riffs we fnd in the genre, the usual D-beat and shouted sinister vocals.in Swedish This is fast, tight and cathcy crust, the guitar has this swedish metal tone and the mix is well done, there's a slight Black Metal vibe brought by both guitar and vocals, just imagine Darkthrone's crust era in a fast version. The demo comes in dihital format in bandcamp. There's no any site or any info abou the namd on the web.


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