Disbrigade - Extirpación de los Cánones de la Belleza

Extirpación de los Cánones de la Belleza (Extraction of the Canons of Beauty) is the latest release of D-beaters Disbrigade from Quito, Equator, the band started as one man project a few years ago abd now irs a three member band with two dozens of releases under their belts. Andrés, the founding member, also runs Pluteras Records and is behind Cabina del Terror.
Extirpación,, songs were recorded during March of 2019, vocals were recorded in September and Octomber.  There are 5 songs and 8 minuts of old flavored D-beat, actually Disbrigade followed the same pathway since the beginning and continues to deliver this old school-ed D-beat, they just get better and better
The recording is available in bandcamp as well all Disbrigade releases and there's a lot stugg to listen to. Pluteras Records is going to released it soon but the format is not identified yet.


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