Metachrist - Final Bloody Master (tape)

Raw and primitive guitar sound, old school feeling, insane guitar solos coming from the '80s death metal era, three chord riffs and D-beat for the fast parts, metal edged guitar works for the slower and emotional and echo-ed shouted vocals. This is Metachrist from Canada who revive the '80's UK crust in their Final Bloody Master 5 track cassette. Many classic '80's and early '90's crust (and D-beat crust as well) bands are mentioned as their influences and the band managed to deliver an alloy that reeks  crust stench. Final Bloody Master delivers 2 fast and 3 mid-paced emotional tracks and 17 minutes of old school stenchcore crust. This is filthy, sick and raw the way should be and comes in home dubbed onto blank factory tapes with photocopied j-card. Cassettes are available from the band, available also in bandcamp


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