GESS - Suffer Damage cd

This old cassette is the latest Black Konflik Records release along with INFLU√čNZIA tape (posted here). GESS was a noisecore band from Kyushu, Japan back in early '80's, they were known to have recorded in 'VIOLENT PARTY' in Kyushu and along with bands such as Confuse, GAI, Seig Heil and No Cut were members of local scene and Kyushu noise-core sound. Suffer Damage was a cassette released in 1983, now Black Konflik continues to dig old gems and re-releases it as cd in 500 copies. The cd comes with the original artwork, it consists of 11 tracks and over of 16 minutes of Kyushu's noise punk, also influeced by bands such as  Disorder and Chaotic Dischord. This is for noisecore frends and GAI and Confuse sound lovers.  GESS later continued as Lydia Cats including two GESS members and released a couple of 7" (incl. 2 flexis) and one 12" EP

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