Physique - The Rhythm of Brutality 10"

The Rhythm of Brutality is the new recording by Physique from Olympia, Washington, released by Distort Reality. Following the excellent The Evolution of Combat 12", Punk Life Is Shit MLP, the East Coast Tour tape and Hate it! EP, The Rhythm of Brutality delivers seven tracks, it comes in 10 inch format and brings nearly ten minutes of Disbones crusher noise punk and a tribute to the legacy of Disclose. This is full of energy and anger, channelled in raw crushing D-beat noise
The record is available from Distort Reality in US, the European version comes as 12" and is available from Static Shock in black and green vinyl (limited to 100 copies also the cover is green in logo and title), it comes in a heavyweight sleeve and with a big poster for your bedroom.

Distort Reality store
Static Shock bandcamp
Static Shock store
Physique bandcamp

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