World In Ruins-War of Deception

War of Deception is the second ep of World In Ruins from Sweden. The band first appeared with Era of Warfare and a single titled Leaders Of Brutality Reborn and delivers crust punk old school death metal . War of Deception follows the same path as the previous recordings, bringing D-beat driven crust punk with strong death metal influences. The band balances perfectly between the genres, this time the death metal feeling is stronger and in some moments the band sounds like an old school death metal band (in the opening riff of Left Behind or the last part of Cast Aside), but still remaining where the streams unite. Recorded and mixed by the band and mastered by Magnus Andersson at Endarker Studio, cover art by Knut Eriksson. War of Deception comes with excellent sound quality, it is available in bandcamp, spotify, googleplay and youtube.


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