Military Shadow - Metal Punk Ironfist (tape)

Another fresh new release by  Black Konflik Records: Tokyo new Metal punk deliver 6 track with dangerous essence influenced by 80's Japanese Metal punk in pro cassette.This is the cassette version from their self release cd that sold out very fast, and it comes in 300 copies. Highly recommended for fans of early Broken Bones, Venom, Tormentor and evil Japanese metal punk band. As their trademark, ' This is the New Age Of Metal Punk Anarchy!!!'  Distributed in Malaysia and Singapore by Spyder45 Record store ,Campbell complex ( KL),Warcloud Records ( KL ), Sickhead Records ( PHG), ZUATH Generation Distro ( JHR ), GOB Distro ( JHR ),Green Peace Distro ( JHR ), Bebal Mailorder Distro ( MLK ) and Azadghei Distro ( SG ).

Black Konflik store

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