ANOXIA-Demo tape 2019

Raw punk from Seattle, Washington United States. ANOXIA is a new band, this is their first release and there's nothing on internet informing about them. The cassette tracks were recorded in October '18 and released n January '19, there are seven songs and 13:30 minutes of total running time and the band delivers D-beat raw punk ar its finest with echo-ed vocals and guitar and bass in reverb and distortion. Maybe this is a general description but Anoxia is realy good in what they deliver. I don't see any physical copies for sale around, there' isn't any band site just a babdcamp page, where the demo is available fom streaming/downloading, probably the cassette is available through the band only. All and all, this is an excellent demo, the band recorded and delivers some nice distorted raw punk here, i hope they will record more in futurre.


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