Recedant Somnia-st cd

Recedant Somnia come from Rennes, France and this is their self-released debut cd. The band was formed in 2017 and members also are/were in bands such as  Origin'hell, Hand of Blood, The Silent (t) error, The argument, Respawn and Defiance. The st (aka A Waked Up Nightmare) comes in cd format, it consists of 5 tracks and 22 minutes of blackened, melodic crust punk. There are excellent guitar riffs, dark and melodic lines, the band dives sometimes ito slower emotional parts but mostly runs in fast pace, the black metal influences come in the appropriate percenage and keep the band in the crust/melodic neocrust territory and all driven by D-beat.All and all this is a nice piece of blackened crust. Available in bandcamp and directly from the band


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