Dism/D-Crash - System of Bullshit (split cd)

System of Bullshit is a split cd with Dism from Malaysia and D-Crash from China, released by Real Deal, a Beijing based punk/hardcore label.
Dism is not unknown to this blog, they hail from Kuala Lumpur and recently they unleashed a double attack with System of Bullshit split cd and a split tape with metal punks Speedwitch from PDX and don't forget their amazing Warmageddon cassette from 2017 and the split with Civil Evacuation. Here, they contribute five tracks delivring D-Beat inspired by Discharge, Anti Cimex and Doom legacy with a crusty flavor.  Excellent playing and sound quality, there is nothing to compain here. This is D-beat Crust at its finest from one of the best bands coming from this country.
D-Crash come from Beijing, they are active since 2012,they released We Abhor The War cdr in 2015and  Doom of Authority cassette in 2017, both releases on Diying Art Productions, and they are one of the few bands from China that i know, they bring five songs too and deliver Hardcore Crust with slight metal hints and inspired by the Japanese scene. great stuff by them too.
The cd lasts nearly 26 minutes, it is avalable from Real Deal and elsewhere (Revenge Rec.s Punk and Destroy etc etc), also available from steaming in bandcamp Real Deal has several other releases under the belt, available in bandcamp too

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