Total Silence/Nefärioüs D-saster - Total DIsaster split cd (2018)

Here we are again after nine months pause, Crust-Demos is still alive, we are going to bring you some demos that came out lately and ar worth enough to give a listening. Anyway, lets kick some noise,and we are going to start with the same band posted in the beginning of this hiatus: Total DIsaster is a split cd with Total Silence and Nefärioüs D-saster, Total Silence is not unknown to this blog since all releases were posted from time to time: D-Beat one man band from Brazil and already has several releases under the belt,  Guile.Lundström the mastermind behind this powerhouse contributes four songs of D-Beat  in the usual top level of his previous works including a Crude SS cover. Nefärioüs D-saster is a Death/Crust band from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with thrashy shreding guitar, D-Beat drums and brutal vocals, this is primitive and raw home made recording, a sonic vomit in four tracks too including a Disrupt cover.  Released by Decapitated Records and Grave of the 80's distro

Total Silence bandcamp
Nefärioüs D-saster bandcamp

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