Disease-Desperate Screams 2014-2017 (tape)

Raw punks Disease need no introduction and i m glad to follow them since their early days, Desperate screams is a cassette released by No Name in 60 copies and is a partial discography of the band with 32 songs (yes, the band was and is very profilic) from the Apocalypse of Chaos 7" and Atrocities of War (tape) splits with Warcorpse, The Nightmare Is Real spit 7" with Dispose, We Lose Everything (tape), Neverending War Crimes'' 12'', Destructive Noise Raid 7'' and as epilogue the cassette ends with a live song in Aalborg/Denmark-22.10.16 from their European Tour 2016. Total running time one hour of D-Beat Raw punk Disclose worship. Following the Euro Tour 2016 and Dis Nightmare Will Never End... European Tour 2017, the band will hit the road again this autumn with Rawapocalypse Approaches Tour visiting Balkan countries and well squats in central and south Europe, in the meantime another release, a split 7" with Besthoven just came out on Rawmantic Disaster and Televized Suicide


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