Plant-Consious punk

"We are Plant. We three people and play a mixture of HC-Punk, Crust, Sludge und Dub. Since we formed the band we played a lot in DIY music places in Hamburg and recorded some songs at a friends studio. We consider ourselves an anarchist bands, we're all active in different subculture stuff (political groups, diy concerts). All our music is up for free download and we try to play only shows which have a diy and leftwing background. We also do all the stuff ourselves (booking shows, artwork, etc. ) or with the help of friends. The songs will also be released on tape in a few months via Amator Tapes (own tape label) and Uga Uga Tapes which is run by a close friend of ours."
Consious Punk consists of seven tracks of punk blended with a shitload of genres,:Dub, ska punk, hardcore, crust etc, with shouted vocals, if you are into such mixing of genres then this is for you but as i said in Repressione's post a few days ago, the most important in such bands is their political stance,. This is available in bandcamp, check their blog, its very interesting with many political statements and local news. Guys apologies for the delay to post your recording


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Unknown said...

woop, the mix of sound is really cool, the dub parts are crazy. thanks!