Not A Cost-Tour demo 2016

"We are an 4 piece anarchist crust outfit from so called Victoria, Canada.  when we started nearly 3 years ago this was everyones first band. bassplayer now plays in Iskra, vocalist plays in an anarcho punk group called Infantile Dissention. we never really had a style in mind other then political punk. we never really had a specific sound in mind so all our influences blend together into our songs. Anti-colonial, Anarchist, genre-bending crust from un-ceded lekwungen territories on occupied turtle island. Music to entice the collapse of civilization."
The first release of Not A Cost was the six track self-released Branches ep, The demo tape consists of four songs, three new tracks from their upcoming lp plus a Carcinogen cover, Music wise, Not A Cost brings (black) metal orientated crust with band's own identity, metallic and thick, sometimes heavy and blasting, sometimes slower and emotional with  stops and goes and tempo changes, and shrieking and screamed rough vocals coming fom the black metal territory. I'd say they are a ;ittle bit less frantic version of Iskra. Lyrics wise, there's only this i can say: Sit down and spend sometime and read what the singer its great work done there, all out political and far from the one line slogan like lyrics of most D-beat bands. The demo is available in bandcamp along with lyrics. Mysteriously, there's no any site, blog, farcebook, whatever page of band.


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7INCHCRUST thanks a lot for this post, evil angry sound, and the lyrics... u're right, is pure poetry.