Uninhabitable-st tape 2015

Uninhabitable come from Asheville, North Carolina, US and this is their first release, a four track cassette that lasts  35 minutes, the band was formed in 2012-13  to confront sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, classism, bigotry, xenophobia, and any other form of oppressive behavior and address the mass ecocide and relentless domination of everything living/non-living on this planet and includes former members of the criminally underated Kakistocracy. The cassette starts with Banish the Throne which is a behemothian track since lasts over sixteen minutes (!), as expected there's a plenty of different parts, beat changes and emotional break (in the middle of track) in the metal edged guitar work, the girl who sings has a great voice. Knowing the political background of Kakistocracy i wish they had included the lyrics of all tracks in bandcamp (the band added the lyrics of 2 tracks only), the following tracks War crimes and  Les soulever walk in the same path with metal driven riffs, excellent drum work and desperately screams, Duke of progress lasts over 11 minutes, it starts slowly and then speeds up the beat until the post hardcore emotional break comes. There is nothing that is placed badly here, sound quality is excellent and helps the band deliver the goods, guitar work is great with the appropriate metal flavor, the singer has a cool voice and fits with the genre and the rhythm section makes the whole thing interesting by running faster or slowing down the pace all the time. Really great effort and hope to hear new tracks by them soon. enough said, go listen it

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