Sustëem Kooma-Another victim, another war

Sustëem Kooma come from Portugal, according to some info from their fb page members have Esthonian origin they must be a new band, there's no much info in their farcebook and this recording must be their first release,  it came out in December '14 and its a blast of D-beat: Sustëem Kooma revive the sound of early Warvictims and deliver D-beat raw punk with the same distorted guitar sound, riff work and deep low (male/female) throaty vocals, someone could say this is a forgotten Warvictims recording from mid-late '00's. Lyrics deal with the usual war themed topics and sound wise everything is perfect, The recording (st or Another Victim, Another War) is available in bandcamp, i didn't see any info about physical release. All and all this is agreat piece of d-beat punk, raw and chaotic, brutal and aggressive. For fans of Warvictims and the likes. I hope this will come out as vinyl and wait for more by them

youtube pt1
youtube pt2


..crucified freedom.. said...

uff, really nice one!..

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tifo45 said...

According to their Facebook, they were born in Letonia. But it should be a joke, 'cause they have portuguese names.