Burnchurch-st lp

Now here is something really interesting:  Burnchurch is a new Dublin based band with ex/current members of Easpa Measa, Rat's Blood and Silence (from Poland) playing incredibly intense & melodic HC/Crust. Great guitar riffs, driving Basslines, D-beatish, forward drumming and Clodagh's remarkable voice. Reminding me in times of bands such as Preying Hands, Ballast, Unhinged, Garmonbozia and alike .... Those who know these bands, will love it - all others need to check it out!!! So powerful and convincing, it doesn't even need fancy shit like limited editions - just 500 black vinyls wrapped in thick gatefold cover. And dont forge the awesome artwork done by Sean Fitzgearld, the gatefold cover reveals the artwork at its greatness when open it (here), Brilliant! This is available in bandcamp along with the lyrics. The record is a co-release of several labels:Contraszt! Records, Dogs and Vultures Up the Punx and Trujaca Fala,


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