Genocidio Chimico-Demo 2014

Genocidio Chimico (Chemical Genocide) is a quartet from Italy and this is their first demo, released in 2014: "We are 4 guys from Teramo (Italy), ex members of local grindcore and hardcore bands like Bloodraised, Mestruophagia, SpermBloodShit, Mud and Slowly Suffering... In Febrary 2014 we formed Genocidio Chimico. We have a DIY attitude and in April 2014 we recorded our first demo in our rehearsal room, mixed and mastered at home. Our lyrics are inspired by social ills, ridiculous stories of murders, our pessimistic view of the world in the future, the current state of deterioration in Italy." The demo was recorded during March and April of '14 and consists of nine tracks of rough crust with hardcore flavor, shouted vocals and D-beat driven force. Lyrics are in Italian, download links are provided by the band. Check a brief history of band in their site and also their songs in ReverbNation,  Youtube and farcebook. Apologies to the band for the delay.

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