Diskobra/Displease-Displit 2014

This is the Diskobra/Displease split which comes as cd and cassette on Trismus Records. Diskobra is familiar to the blog visitors since i have posted their previous releases (Demo 2013 and A Diskobra visszatĂ©r tape from 2014), this is not their last release since the Distorted Minds In A Sick World 4-way split lp w Final Slum War, Fear Of Extinction, Diskobra, Krueger just came out on Rawmantic Disasters. In this split they contribute four songs of their Discharge worship, same as their previous releases but the fact is that they are getting better and better in each new release. This is in the vein of Distress, Dischange, Varukers, Disaster, Discard, Dispose (from Slovakia) and such bands. Displease come from Ukraine, don't know much about them, they released a cd in 2010 titled Think! on Trismus and Miravoice and they are going to release a split with Besthoven. Here they deliver four tracks of D-beat in the vein of Avskum, with a slight metal flavor. Its really great to see there this punk life in this fucked up country who's in war and while nazis are on the rise.The split comes out as tape (60 copies) and cd and includes the lyrics. All and all this is a nice D-beat release and as the Trismus description says "If you miss technial riffs, ultra fast solos, well... Listen to something else", this is for pure D-beat lovers. No need to say more shit, go and get it. Download link is provided by the bands.


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