Disprazer-Oriente Médio 2011

Here we go again, some really bad shit happened and i had to have this break, i don't know if i 'll manage to update the blog in regular basis from now on but i can only promise to do my best in posting all bands that have send their work. Apologies to all for the delay but we are back so lets roll it: Disprazer come from Brazil, they were born from the ashes of Fatal Conflict, they are a long running band but only in recent years they recorded some shit: They formed in 2001, they got more serious as band in '03 and later in 2008 they recorded a 13 track demo which included covers of Discharge, Lixomania,Colera and Restos De Nada. In 2009 they released the Middle East cdr and Oriente Médio in 2011. They recently appeared in Freedom Punker Vol 18 comp. If you are good in Portuguese take a look at these interviews in Sohno Negro and Zine Punx Caoticas and you will learn more details about them.  Oriente Médio came out as cdr and consists of eleven tracks blending their influences from Brazilian scene with European bands especially from UK's scene of '80's and delivers wrathful old school hardcore with filthy and raw sound quality and the usual D-beat, lyrics are in Portuguese and deal with topics such as war, death, life in punk subculture etc, the cdr lasts nearly 22 minutes. All and all this is old school flavored hardcore with loads of nostalgia for the '80's hardcore. Thanx to the guy who uploaded in youtube


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