Bombardeo-D-beat purista punk

Bombardeo is a D-beat duet from Santiago, Chile and D-beat purista punk is their first release, released and distributed by Sin Futuro Diskos. The band is a side project and includes two members of Estereotipo Degollao (both ED releases are posted here and there). As the name of title and the cover artwork aesthetic reveals, D-beat purista punk consists of D-beat and a pure worship of  Discharge, Anti Cimex and Disclose: There are seven tracks here, four own songs and covers of Discharge and Destrucciön and Olimpo Dis as well which is a short of medley and lyric wise repeats the titles of some classics (Protest to survive, Hear Nothing, see nothing sea nothing, When the innocent die, Once War Started.). The sound of recording is raw but descent and the lack of bass is not noticable, lyrics deal with war and its horror (Bombardeo translates bombing). There is no any reinvention of (D-beat) wheel here, these guys just pay homage to their influences and deliver the same shit brought by myriads of other Dis bands and managed to keep it in a descent level, nothing more and nothing less than this, so D-beat lovers this is for you. Hope to hear new songs by them soon. D-beat purista punk is available for free on bandcamp (along with the lyrics in Spanish) and there also is a download link provided by the band. No more ranting, go listen it.


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