Tape or Die-Demo # 1

Now here 's something remarkable and worth to check out: Tape or Die hail from France, they are a new band, formed by some people who are active since '90's. Nowadays they got families but they keep the flag high, Tape or Die was formed three years ago but family matters keep them busy so they could practice only once per month but they finally managed to record eleven songs for their first demo which comes as casstte as is released by Automne Records. Music wise the cassette delivers fast hardcore punk with frantic drum rhythms. As expected, D-beat is here, there are raging screamed vocals, the whole demo runs in fast pace, sometimes faster and sometimes slower and steady, the last song Joyfull Crusaders starts with a slow and almost black metal intro before it turns into a hardcore hell. The recording has this old school feeling and sound, considering the difficulties and responsibilities of having a family, the result of recording is waaaayyy better than expected. The demo was recorded with a 20 years old 4 track tape recorder. All and all this is a nice piece of fast hardcore, you can contact Automne Records for a copy but the most important is the fact that these people keep the spirit alive and continue their love and devotion for punk and hardcore no matter how many years passed by or what other things they have to deal in their lives. Congruts and best wishes for more recordings in the future!


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