Fear of the Future-Lets ge high before its too late

"Fear of the Future was formed in May 2012 with the proposal to play a punk sound. Influenced by diverse aesthetics, like the rawness of the The Vikings Are Coming LP, the melody of the swedish group Puke, punk rock energy, hardcore aggression and even bands of rock/metal like Judas Priest and Motorhead. The lline-up has Bruno Bonga (vocals, also on Helvetin Viemärit and Kroni), Fred Bahia (guitar and vocals), Felipe Leprose (bass and vocals, also on Stench of Death Terminal Filth and Skarnio) and Marcelo Burchauser (drums, also on Unfit Scum). The demo CD  Lets ge high before its too late was released in early 2013, with five songs. The first official release of the band came out in December of the same year, the Split 7" w/ Distürbia Cladis. Maybe a LP will be released soon." Well, with so many connections with other bands this can not be bad. Honestly, i was expecting something close to Doom since they are named after a Doom song and that feeling was increased since the demo starts with some war sirens warning for an upcoming air raid but things are more mixed here: There is the typical d-beat crust but also some Motorhead influences, melodic solos here and there that fit nicely and some slight hints of metal in guitar riffs but the band stays always in hardcore/punk territories with its direct approach in rawness, noise and the D-beat driven force. The demo is available on bandcamp along with the lyrics. Enjoi it.


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