Sevices-Demo tape 2014

The mail i received had no any information about this band, all i know is they are from Lille, France and this demo was released by Give Us A Chance Records in 150 copies in 2014. The cassette consists of six tracks and lasts nearly nine minutes and delivers frantic and chaotic hardcore with angry shouted vocals, this is fast as hell and sometimes it gets faster and faster while some slower breaks give it a powerviolence-sic flavor. The singer shouts his lungs out in French language, sound quality is decent This is full of intensity and chaotic furry, for fans of raging fastcore and powerviolence. Give Us A Chance Rec.s is a small label with a shitload of tape releases with harcore, punk and powerviolence bands such as Syndrome 81, No Solution, Anxiety Attack, Wrong Decision, Doctrine and many others, in limited number of copies varying from 50 to 150 copies, there are about 22 releases, most of them are sold out. (check label's page for more infos, therer is free download link for all releases),

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Toxik Boys said...

A bit melodic for me, the first three songs are the best. Thanks for introducing me that french label.

7inchcrust said...

cheers my friend!