Paranoid - Hardcore Addict demo 7"

Here is something i wanted to post since ages but either because of lack of time or because of  having a shitload of demos send by the bands i didn't post it so far: This is a killer debut demo and a masterpiece shit of noise coming from Sweden, Paranoid was formed by people who were/are in Warvictims, Electric Funeral, Brottskod 11, Desperat and Thrashers. In Hardcore Addict recording which took place in summer '12, the line up was Emil, Jocke, Åke, Nils and Johan, the demo came out with minimalistic black n white raw punk styled artwork made by Pancho from Infernoh and in only 150 copies by Distort the Word, a D-takt & Rapunk sub tape label. Rawmantic Disaster and Phobia Rec.s re-released it in 2013 as seven inch ep, 500 copies pressed (first press: 300 on black and a repress of 200 pieces in red transparent vinyl) both pressings are sold out as well the tape version. Music wise, Hardcore Addict is a blast of raw, frantic and distoted D-beat full of power, wrath and instensity with endless feedback of noise and angry shouted vocals. There are six tracks that last nearly ten minutes. Total top class fuckin ace release, there is no any detail to make you complain about, everything is perfect in this chaotic hell. Mixed and mastered by Mutherman at Muthärvan and layout by Jocke D-takt. Hardcore Addict is available for your listening pleasure on bandcamp by Phobia Records, check this youtube vid with release infos and the lyrics as well (read the lyrics here). Paranoid's next release will be a 7" on Konton Crasher, have a first listening here, (yeah, cars with tape-players fuckin rule!!!)


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