Life Chain-Demo tape 2012

I said a few words about these punks some posts ago and here they are: Life Chain hail from Halifax, Canada they deliver raw and relentless female fronted D-beat punk and this is ther seven track demo from 2012, members were/are also in several bands of local scene such as Concrete Asylum, Primary Stress, Contagium and Vixens. The demo consists of six own and one cover songs of noisy D-beat full of distortion and raw power. There is no much to say here: As expected the bass and guitar deliver ultra raging chaos drown in reverb, delay and distortion, Julia (the girl who sings and we ve met her in Primary Stress duet) has an amazing voice and delivers screams and yells full of echoes and reverb and reminding Janick from After The Bombs and Channel from Lebenden Toten, Disclose's Conquest is nicely covered. All and all this is a decent Disclose worship band, they have done great work in this demo and deliver the goods, they don't reinvent the wheel but what they do they do it with passion and energy. What makes them stand apart from the myriads raw D-beat punk bands and gives them their own personality is the amazing vocals. The demo comes on cassette format and includes lyrics sheet. This is also available for free in bandcamp. After the demo release, Life Chain made a mini tour in US and  Canada (they even shared the stage with Doom in spring 2013, check the flyer and a video) and recorded some new songs for an upcoming ep,(not released yet), two tracks are available in bandcamp too. listen it here. No more blurb, go and get some raw D-beat at its finest shit.


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