Crisiss/Mentes Destruidas-split cd

I received this split cd a few days ago and consists of two bands from South America: Crisiss and Mentes Destruidas hail from Colombia and this is their split from 2013. Both bands come from Manizales, Mentes Destruidas are the vets here, they carry a history since 2005, they released couple of albums and played in several punk fests (more info here, in Spanish), while Crisiss is rather a new band, they formed in 2012 and include members of Doomsday and Deterioro and apart from this split they recorded a demo (will come out on cassette soon). Both bands deliver relentless hardcore influenced by South American hardcore bands such as Migra Violenta, Apatia No, Los Crudos, Krujido and Los Dolares and European (Swedish, Finnish, Polish and UK's ) and Japanese hardcore as well. The recordings have decent sound and run in the same hardcore pathway with catchy songs full of energy with Mentes Destruidas having a more gloomy, heavier and dark approach. Each band contributes three songs and the cd lasts nearly twelve minutes, This is titled Adios Amigo and is dedicated to a friend of bands who recently passed away. Overall this is a nice release for fans of Latin America hardcore and aforementioned bands. There is a youtube vid with the entire release, here, Thanx to D. for sending this.


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