Wölvefröst-Barbarian Hellstorm

The title says it all: Here we have an attacking hord of barbaric orcs, burning, crushing and slaying everything in their way. Just try to figure it: A band or Orcs and Uruk-hai's playing a gig in fornt of a crazy crowd of Orcs who dance in ecstacy raising their axes and spears: Wölvefröst come from Seattle, United States, Barbarian Hellstorm is their frist demo, the band includes members of extreme acts such as Pains, Zom-Bestial, Preta and Loathsome who joined together and created a chaotic monster roaming in epic fantasy worlds: Music wise, Wölvefröst deliver a chaotic and relentless mixture of blackened crust and raw black metal, fueled with merciless D-beat boost from hell and cacophonous shreaking vocals from some demonic lungs. This is chaotic and noisy, raw and mayhemic, "Drenching the listener in Orc gore while conjuring landscapes of warfare from elder times". As a CvltNation review says, this is "a tornado of barbaric riffs and filthy vocals.. they created the sonic version of being eaten alive by ravenous pack of lions". Lyric wise the band deals with epic fantasy topics from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle Earth world or Robert E. Howard 's Conan world and other ancient times (don't know exactly what's going on here since there are no lyrics in bandcamp but seems to be war themed lyrical landascapes everywhere) and this makes them stand with one foot in metal and in punk/crust world with the other. Morgul Crust raw and filthy as hell! This available in bandcamp and there is also a youtube vid with the entire demo.


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