Nuclear Annihilation-demo 2011

The name of band and the artwork reveal what we have here: Yes, this is crust and is delivered in noise and brutality: Nuclear Annihilation hail from Indonesia ,they were formed in 2011 when four crust punks got together after some internet chat and after realizing their common interests on music, their fav. bands and inspiration. Here is their demo recorded in 2011  in Warman Hellnoise # 212 , their discography also includes The World Was Destroyed Because of War split tape with Dis-Boikot and the upcoming Endless Disaster 3 way split tape with Duplek Chaos and Warcorpse. The demo consists of five songs (including a Firstblood cover) of brutal, extreme and noisy D-beat crust with distorted guitars and bass, D-beaten drumming and brutal growling vocals. Sound wise this is raw, ear tormenting and filthy: Having Kromosom and D-Clone as main inspiration, this demo couldn't be nothing less than a sonic inferno simillar to the aforementioned bands. The singer growls his rhymes in Indonesian and deals with topics such as war system, capitalism greed and social violence. Some tracks appear in The World Was Destroyed Because of War too but don't know if come from this recording or from some later session. The demo is available for downloading in ReverbNation along with some artworks and a short bio of band. Overall this is a decent and honest effort by a quartet of guys who love D-beat in a extreme form for fans of D-Clone, Leprosy, Helpless, Giftgasattack, Kromosom and such noisy acts. As far as i know one member is also in Duplek Chaos. Thanx to P for his information and help, terima kasih! The next Nuclear Annihilation release, the 3 way split tape is going to come out soon. No more rant, go give it a listening.


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