Bloody Ear-Fear is for prey

Now here is something different, not musically since this is a piece of noise but considering the age of members, Bloody Ear claims a place is Guinnes Word Records as the youngest crust/stenchcore/ punk whatever band ever. So back off all you tatoo'ed, dreadlock'ed and with spickey jackets and torn pants full of patches crusties because here come Putrefuction and Róa (Rowan) in the age of 6 and 8 years young: Bloody Ear is a duet with these two kids in guitars and vocals and their dad, badly bashing the drums. And before you say anything just sit down and think what crust related thing you did while being in the age of 6 or 8, probably nothing ok?  Fear is for Prey is one song demo, the kids wrote and played the song themselves and did the artwork on here. The line is from a cartoon and their names in the band were picked by them from albums lying around the house. This is not Motion Device (they are aged and commercial), this is not Forced Isolation (they were over 12 years when they started), this is the real noise deal and totally DIY 100%. Congruts kids! Thumps up and smiles to you! Best wishes and hope to listen new songs from you very soon! The dad behind the drums set is Sean from Protest Zine and also artist, illustrator and columnist in Profane Existence and Cvlt Nation. (thanx for sending this!). Now seriously, it is nice and really great to see kids growning up away from the usual stereotypes and conformities that prepare them as another gear in system machine, away from consumerism and other conservative crap. Anyway, i rant enough, the song is available in bandcamp,get it.

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