Warona-Demo 2013

Warona is a quartet from Saransk, Russia and this is their first demo recorded in January of 2013 and released by Not Only One Side Records on tape format and in 50 copies. The demo delivers three songs plus one intro and last over 24 minutes, all songs are lenghty (the shortest one lasts over six minutes) and music wise they deliver neocrust with acoustic parts, slow emotional passages and faster breaks, the progression of acoustic intro-slow/mid paced part-faster outbreak appears again and again, and the whole thing reminds of bands such as Ictus, Madame Germen, Alpinist and Remains of the Day. The singer shouts in Russian, the sound quality is decent. All and all this is a nice demo, this is available for streaming and dowloading in bandcamp, Warona has Twitter and VK accounts. thanx to Anton (guitar/vox for sending this)


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