Aborto De Morsa/Bisected/Puto En Joggin-split demo

This is a 3 way split with three bands from Argentina: Aborto De Morsa and Bisected from Cordoba and Puto En Joggi from Buenos Aires. The demo consists of seven songs and lasts only five minutes. Aborto De Morsa is a grindcore/powerviolence project and this is their first recorded material,(two songs), Bisected come from Alta Garcia city, Cordoba, they were formed in 2007, they are a crust/noisegrind band and here they deliver three industrial/cybergrind songs, black metallers Puto En Joggin include people from Temple Av Lidelse and contribute two songs taken from their second demo Desastres de  Guerra. the demo is released by Chainfuck Records,a net-label dislocated at C√≥rdoba, Argentina and specialized on underground metal extreme, HxC, crust, punk.

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