Toxicology-Shellshock from Birth demo 2013

The quartet of Toxicology hail from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA and  Shellshock from Birth  is their three track demo  which delivers a storm of D-Beat and metal punk. Rough guitar riffs, heavy pounding bass and fast bashing D-beat drumming create a sonic wall of  metal/crust with decent sound while the vocalist shouts pessimistic verses "Only the dead see the end of the war/Nothing but death what's there to live for/All you see is slaughter bloody red death/Close your eyes and you'll be next" while other times describe protest issues: "Engaged in peaceful protest/ Your men beat down". This is brutal, rough and angry, a really interesting demo and delivers the goods, wish only there were more tracks here, hope to listen more by them soon. The demo is available for free downloading in bandcamp, for physical copies you have only to download it from bandcamp and in every bandcamp download, there's a paper case template included. Just print it centered (no stretching, no x or y offsets), and fold it. Otherwise catch them on stage and get your copy for free too.


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