Estereotipo Degollao-Songs to self-Extermination ep

 Estereotipo Degollao is a crustpunk quartet from Chile and Songs to self-Extermination is their first ep, there is no any information about them on the web and Asti's (guit,) info in his mail was " we are a band from Chile who performs accelerated crustpunk rebellious lyrics and libertarian. This is our first Ep,we took a couple of years playing always focused on delivering a message in our lyrics. Music is our way of fighting and tried to carry the consequence in all aspects of our life.
Songs to self-Extermination delivers eight songs (incl. Doom's classic Slave to Convention) of a crust punk and old school hardcore blending with raw sound in guitar and bass, wrathful shouted vocals in Spanish and fast bashing drums. Lyrics included in the inlay.
Download link is provided by the band, apologies for the delay to post it,cheers!


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Band from Santiago.